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The idea began in 1965 when I was doodling in one of my junior high school classes. Nearly 50 years later, it has become an obsession of sorts with alien languages, alien worlds, maps, drawings and, of course, the well-charted beginnings of a 9-part novel. The first volume is nearing completion with the second coming together quickly. The other seven I fill in the details as I go along. This blog is to chart the progress, help me keep focused on the project and to share with the world my processes and goals. Hopefully others will find the stories I am making of interest enough to buy the book when it comes out but I am in it for the experience. If you enjoy what you see and read, please comment and give feedback. I invite anyone to get in on the creative process and the story. (Keeping in mind, of course, that certain details are already outlined to bring the story to its final and, what I think is, an amazing ending.

Here you will find charts and graphs, maps and painting all relating to the book(s). Some of these are for sale so if something strikes your fancy and you would like to have a fine giclée print, these will be available on my art blog, The Lonely Eccentric or from postings through links throughout this blog.

A Bit About The Magellan Argosy Saga

The novel takes place about 500 from the present time. It is a science fiction story that explores the challenges facing the first pioneers to live and work in space and then to undertake the first journey outside the solar system. It will also involve first contact with an alien civilization and the world from which they come. Mostly though, it will be a story of the human condition and how we continue to cope and struggle with the changing forces of time and our rapidly advancing technologies. How will things today look in five centuries? Will we solve things like over-population, food scarcity, climate change, living beyond Earth’s protective atmosphere, making first contact? What will these things look like a half a millennium from now? How will humans be different from now? The same? Will Earth still be the same?