Once upon a time, long long ago…no, I’m not speaking metaphorically or in the fairy tale sense. It was a day in one of my classes in Junior High where I got bored and began to doodle. My friend, Mack, and I used to get together and imagine what we would do when we grew up. We both loved the sea even though we lived high in the mountains of northern Arizona. We dreamed of a future where we would live and work under the sea. We were both into science fiction and crazy ‘B’ movies so, decades before Seaquest: DSV, we dreams of a network of submarine cities connected by a network of tubes along the ocean floor.

In those days we knew nothing of the terrain under the oceans. That had not even been explored yet! But we went on with the ideas and fantasies until one day Mack broke the news that his mother was selling the business and they were moving to California. We were both crushed as were our grand plans. I never heard from Mack again. The idea, however, had lodged itself deep within my brain.

I went on to study French and became enthralled with another language and culture. I found I had a facility for learning languages and went on to study German, then Spanish, Russian, American Sign Language for the Deaf, Esperanto, Navajo and many more. I still study languages. Currently I am learning Hindi. A couple of years ago, it was Dutch.

Not long after Mack moved I had been exploring the wonderful world of codes and ciphers. Then it hit me one day to create an alien language and put my under the sea cities on an alien world. Thus, Grivantia was born. It was 1965.

Grivantia-origins-(Atlantic) Grivantia-origins-(Pacific)

Today, almost 50 years later, the maps have evolved but the core essentials are still there. My goal from the beginning (in the days before personal computers and the Internet were science fiction) was to keep the details consistant. Names, positions, land masses and shapes. Not much has changed from the first true maps of the world I call Grivantia.

By 1968, the alien language had a name (then Swaacden, today Suoaqden) and the map had taken its first form which is still pretty much where it is today. The Pacific became the Eastern Hemisphere…


The Atlantic, the Western Hemisphere…


Around the turn of the century, I took all the old paper maps and began scan and digitize the over a hundred maps I had draw up to that point. I began to learn digital graphics and then discovered PhotoShop. The original map grew beyond the original graph paper it was drawn on and became the large image I had first seen in my mind…


Presently, there are over 4,000 images of maps, drawings, paintings, animations and more. 25GB of data. Never saw that coming. It has been an amazing journey and it is no where near over. In 1980, some major overhauls were done to the maps and it began to take its present shape…

Grivantia-lat and long

Today it comes in many ‘flavors’. There is an outline version:


a cartoonish version…


a photorealistic version for 3D texturing I use to make globes and animations…


and last but not least, a fully annotated version…


Grivantia, The Leviathan World


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