The first volume of Part I (The Cradle’s Edge) of The Magellan Argosy Saga, a 9-volume series in the life of Merit Kostenurka, a 14-year old farm boy. His life is about to change forever. In fact, it is not just his life that changes, but the lives of all human beings everywhere throughout the Solar System.

The book will be published and released in chapters on this site—one per month beginning January 2016. Book One is titled Terra Nova.

Be the first to read this exciting new novel for free. This site will not only publish the book online but it will be a unique experience in novel reading. The book will be annotated with hyperlinks that link to resource material used for this book that take an in depth look at the cultures, languages, technologies, histories, characters and more. See detailed maps and images of the alien world of Grivantia. Learn the alphabet and language of the sapients who inhabit this strange and ancient leviathan world. Read biographies of your favorite characters. Explore their alien world for indigenous life forms.

This is the story of Homo sapiens’ resiliency and tenacity. Is it fate and divine providence or technology and science that await us in the future? How do we reconcile science and religion? What will today’s progeny be like in 500 years? How will we survive when the present looks so bleak? We are the most adaptable creature to inhabit Earth and soon we will move beyond into our Solar System. What will we find there? How will we live?